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1. Could you give us a bit of background about yourself, your work and education?

I was born in 1995 in Malta, my passion for art started from a young age experimenting with traditional medium, that of drawing in pencil, acrylics, aquarelles and any other sort of medium. The next step was that of choosing an area of study, I was always fascinated by the design created in several big well-known brand around me. It was time to also get in the scene with other successful and well known designers.

Following my journey at MCAST I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design & Interactive Media in 2015. This lead into some interesting work experiences along the way as well as during the course. Having worked for four design agencies (two of them international) and two printing presses gave me all the knowledge and motivation I need to continue a successful journey. I am currently working as a full time graphic designer in a well-known agency in Malta.  

2.How did you get started as a photographer / graphic designer?

I always had passion for logos and branding, dreaming that one day my own logo design will be out there for the public to see. This was my number one motivation to continue working hard and seeing my work out there being appreciated and used by others.

When I was young I was more interested in graphic design but as time started to pass by, I wanted something new and fresh. Having a small digital camera lead into experimenting more with photography. This drove me into buying my first basic DSLR, where I had the flexibility to experiment even more. I am a self-taught photographer and in my free time I used to watch tutorials and experiment whenever I could. Around a year and a half ago I bought my first professional DSLR and invested in more equipment for better photo quality. Nowadays I specialise in fashion, architecture and a few special events every now and then.  

3. How has your work evolved throughout the years?

Every designer started from somewhere and I believe that you never stop learning. The first few months working were not easy, but I must say that they were the best months to learn and absorb every single thing other designers taught me. Up till today I am still learning new design techniques.

4.What is the one mistake you kept repeating in your work when you first started out?

One of the most repeated mistakes I used to make is probably not using a grid system in every design I make, which lead into unaligned work. I learned that alignment can either make or break your design. Nowadays before sending an artwork I make sure that my alignment is on point unless it is not aligned intentionally.   

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

As a successful graphic designer and photographer.

6. Which creative medium would you love to explore but haven’t yet?

One medium which I haven’t really had the chance to experiment with is ink. I think it creates interesting and original design pieces.

7. What was the most memorable project you have worked on so far?

One of my favourite projects is The Malta Autism Centre’s logo design and branding. As a project itself it was quite challenging in a way that a lot of research was done in order to see what people with autism would like to see. There is also the study of psychology when it comes to colour, where the colours chosen all had a significant meaning. Last but not least I created something different and eye catchy for the centre, young and fun.

8. Where do you feel the most inspired to work?

Somewhere peaceful listening to different genres of music while looking into books for research.

9. Given the opportunity to collaborate with a creative of your choice, who would it be?

Jessica Walsh is one of my favourite designers out there, if I had the opportunity I would probably choose her.

10. Describe your work in 3 words



Minimal, Fun, Different.

11. Could you briefly describe your creative process?

I believe that research is one of the most important process to start with. Sketching takes the second place and after I continue experimenting digitally.

12. How was your experience as a student at ICA?

As a past student I must say that it was a great learning experience, and I was provided all the necessary tools and knowledge I needed to start a successful career.

13. What’s the best piece of advice you could give to someone who is interested in becoming a photographer / graphic designer?

Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not good enough. Every designer/photographer has his/her own style, get advice from different people even if they’re not in the same field as yours.

14. Can you explain what is Creatives Malta?



Creatives Malta is a community of creatives, our aim is that we share every single talent within the creative industry, aiming to connect and inspire others through events, Behance and social media.

15. You shoot a lot of fashion photography, is that something that always interested you?

I started taking photo shoots from the very beginning of my photography career, and I think that it allows me to experiment and create something different from the norm.

16. You were one of the first Maltese creatives to win a medal in the Behance portfolio reviews. You took part in organizing the second one and you will now host the fourth. How has winning changed your career? And did you know your success at the 2015 Behance portfolio review would follow you to this day?





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Winning the Behance coin from a very well-known design agency in Malta definitely gave me the boost I wanted to continue succeeding in my work and also that of encouraging and inspiring others. When I saw the message that the Behance team wanted me to host the second portfolio review in Malta I was surprised and excited at the same time. I think in Malta we lack these sorts of events and networking is important as you get to meet a lot of people and make new contacts. I believe that sharing and getting feedback from professionals within the field is healthy for your career as you improve. I hope that everyone joins for the fourth Behance Portfolio Review which will be held on the 4th of July 2017.

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