Seven Stages of Procrastination for an ICA Student.

By April 17, 2017Our Blog

Stage One: Denial

You convince yourself that you don’t have anything to do at all. You can totally do whatever you want. You’re free.

‘Oh it’s due for next Monday? Thats plenty of time! I will get started on my research paper as soon as I watch two seasons of How to Get Away with Murder.’

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Stage Two: Panic

You realise that you wasted a good 4 days relaxing and have finally come to terms with reality. Sheer panic consumes your mind and you spend the next 24 hours frantically trying to figure out how to start.

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Stage Three: Determined

You know what you need to do. You created a to-do a list to get you started! This to do list, planner or anything else that gives you the illusion that you have your life together will calm your spirits and make you feel in control.

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Stage Four : I Don’t Care

Fifteen minutes into research you realise you can’t find anything of use online. The quick solution is to close your laptop because you cannot be bothered with school anymore.

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Stage Five : Okay. I lied, I do care

Again, it’s only been fifteen minutes of ‘not caring’ but your fear of failure is just as bad. You just had to be the one with the most polar opposite characteristics, didn’t you?

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Stage Six : Pity

You complain to all your friends about how much work you have to do instead of actually getting the work done. Don’t lie. We are all guilty of this and constantly ask God ‘why is this happening to us?’ #studentlife

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Stage Seven : Acceptance

You’ve accepted your faith. You managed to come up with something decent to present to your tutor, but you know that you are capable of doing better. It’s too late now to ask for an extension and your work is going to be submitted as it is. But, HEY! At least it’s over. #TakeaBreak

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I procrastinated as I wrote about procrastination – Procreption anyone ? Yes? No? Alrighty then…I’ll let myself out.

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