What is the ICA Festival

The ICA Festival is a new approach to the annual end of year exhibition held at MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts. Through changing the tone of voice, and turning it into an art and design festival, our end goal is to increase the brand perception of the institute and create an event that builds hype and anticipation for years to come. We stand by celebrating creativity and acting as a year-long platform to showcase student’s work whilst creating a bridge with industry and the community.


The theme for this year is ‘It all starts here’ which brings the idea of new beginnings and opportunities. The theme revolves around an all inclusive and interactive experience. On one level, the audience will experience the wide scope of creative works that the students will be showcasing, demonstrating the variety of departments in the Institute. On another level, each department is going to have an evening whereby it will engage in a dialogue with the audience through a number of exciting and dynamic activities. The richness of the programme will be appealing to all visitors.

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